Igbo Religious Beliefs

Igbo Religious Beliefs

The Igbo tribe, is located in the eastern part of Nigerian, with the population around 32 million, which is about 25% of...
african voodoo bulletproof

The Potency of African bulletproof charm Depends on this Factors

The Potency of African bulletproof charm have been question in recent times due to casualty as a result of many failed African voodoo bulletproof. Many...

The beauty of Yoruba women

In a country of different ethnicity and different religion, the women have a general culture and attributes hung on them which is...

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Slave Rebellion

Slave Rebellion: 6 most Rebellious African Tribes During Slavery

Slave rebellion played a significant role in the fight against slavery and continues to be a powerful symbol of resistance against oppression. In this...
African Slaves Who Became Royals of Foreign Nations

5 African Slaves Who Became Royals of Foreign Nations

The overwhelming majority of enslaved Africans taken to various parts of the world had gloomy fates, while some were able to position themselves to...

The History and Meaning of Afrocentrism

Afrocentrism for many in the western world has taken on the role of the villain throughout intellectual spaces, this particular school of thought has...
iron mining

Southern Africa the Birthplace of Iron Mining

Iron mining is one of the major occupation of African during the medieval period, contrary to the belief that African learnt iron mining through...
african slaves history

African slaves history: Top 5 African slaves who later became legendary

African slaves history recorded were millions of Africans enslaved throughout world history via the Atlantic slave trade and the Arab slave trade, these Africans...

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