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Valentine Poems: Our Unique Valentine

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I choose the 69th of February to be our Valentine’s day,

The day only us understands,

The day we will seat down around the fire and sing tales of how me met and clicked to the core 

The day we will count stars and see them as our happy and sad days 

The day I will look into your eyes and see my sick eyes health in yours 
Let’s not fall in love but rather be in it,

Let’s not create memories but rather live today and everyday loving each other 

We can choose the 21st of February but I prefer the 69th

Will you be on that day with me?
Let me count the hair in your head,

The fears in your eyes,

The insecurities in your maybe,

The doubts in my words,

If they don’t reach 69

Then the  69th is our valentines day.
I want to,

Lie on your chest,

Play with your finger,

Lock my lips with yours 

Only if you agree that our Valentine’s day should be on the 69th…

#Dark Melamin

Valentine Poems: Our Unique Valentine
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