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Top 6 African Cultural Values to Know Before Traveling to Africa

african cultural values

African cultural Values are vast and consists of countries with various tribes, each having their own unique characteristics that differentiate them from one another.

While it is easy classify African people as one, the verity is that inside the 54 countries that make the African continent, there are over 3000 disparate tribes.

In as much as there are thousands of tribes in Africa they are common particular cultural practices that are similar, if not the same, Which the people of African have taken pride in, and consequently  have form the core value of African society.

Things to Know Before Traveling to Africa?

Here are top African cultural values you should have in mind while travelling to Africa


In African culture greeting is an etiquette that shows respect. Courtesy demands that when a younger person sees older people, the proper thing to do is to greet. it is very disrespectful for one to walk past an elderly person and not greet him/ her.

Respect to Elders

In most African cultures the elders among a group are accustomed maximum respect, when serving in any gathering they are first served before others.


There are thousands of native languages and dialects spoken in Africa. Every African country has various tribes that speak its own languages. However due to the fact that many African countries were once part of European colonies, many people are able to speak Creole or Pidgin versions of English, Portuguese of French. In Northern Africa Arabic is spoken, whereas in East Africa Swahili is the dominant language.

Eating manner

african cultural values

During meals don’t engage in too much talk, simple talks are permissible, but don’t bring serious matter to the table during meals, serious matters are dealt with after meal.


When you receive a favor or gift from someone always remember to return the favor by showing gratitude. Also bear in mind that If someone give you a gift, the best way to show appreciation is by receiving it with both hands.

Religious beliefs

Africans are highly revered to the ancestral spirits. African believe in a supreme God, prayers of petitions or sacrificial offering directed towards secondary divinities, who are messengers and intermediaries between the human and the supreme God.

African cultural values

African culture is vast and different tribes have their various cultural practices but there is a degree of relevance in homogeneity among all African cultures.

In the end Africans welcomes a stranger so well and have a good sense of hospitality, you might be surprised as how they welcome you like a lost brother.

Enjoy your stay in Africa.



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