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Things to know about African culture before visiting for the first time

about African culture

Africa is such a wonderful continent, some believe that humanity started in Africa, knowing about African culture before making that trip is such an important act.

With the difference in cultural practices among Africans, it made me wonder if the word “Culture” is still an English word or borrowed from Africa.

Africa a the land filled with many tribes, taking for instance some parts of Eastern Africa especially Kenya which have so many tribal differences.

Visiting Africa for the first time you have to know some cultural practical in Africa and also some things that are regarded as taboo/abomination.

Africa cultures are different in regard to the tribe, so listing all they cultural preservation will not help, so the list below entails the general and reverend cultural values common with most tribes in Africa.

  1.  Africans welcome a stranger so well and have a good sense of hospitality.
  2. Some tribe in Africa offers there wife’s to visitors as a welcome treat for conjugal play.
  3. Africans are highly revered to the ancestral spirits.
  4. Africans are highly respectful to their elders and kinsmen
  5. In some African tribes, not all wild animals are game, taking for instance in Nigeria; Edemili in Anambra state pythons are not killed, they are regarded as sacred to the people from the community.
  6. There are many sacred lands and places that strangers are not allowed into. In some parts, the penalty might be death.
  7. Marriage in some parts of the continent is very cheap and simple, in some parts it can be complicated.

Learning about African Culture as a foreigner can frustrating because African culture is diverse and each tribe has different cultural values. So its better to learn more about the country you are visiting and also which tribes inhabit the place you going to stay.

With this in mind, you will know the cultural values and traditions of your travel destination.

Enjoy your stay in Africa…..



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