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Silent Transmission Of Coronavirus (Covid-19)

silent Transmission Of Coronavirus

Silent transmission Of Coronavirus has been the major issue that people need to understand to curb the rapid spread of this virus.

The rapid spread of coronavirus throughout the world has been fueled in part by the virus’ ability to be transmitted by people who are not showing 

Countries are in lockdown, no social activities, no ceremonies, and many more. But let not forget that Coronavirus is asymptomatic and so it is silently transmitted among humans.silent Transmission Of Coronavirus

From the little review from Wikipedia, it gave a detailed understanding of silent transmission of disease.

An asymptomatic carrier (healthy carrier or just carrier) is a person or other organism that has become infected with a pathogen, but that displays no signs or symptoms.

Although unaffected by the pathogen, carriers can transmit it to others or develop symptoms in later stages of the disease.

Asymptomatic carriers play a critical role in the transmission of common infectious diseases such as typhoid, C. difficile, influenzas, HIV, and the deadly Coronavirus.

While the mechanism of disease-carrying is still unknown, researchers have made progress towards understanding how certain pathogens can remain dormant in a human for some time without the carrier showing the symptoms

Silent Transmission Of Coronavirus is what everyone should to better handle this, one can be a carry the virus without showing any symptom and at the same time infecting others with the virus.

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