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Poem of the Day: ETERNITY

Poem of the Day ETERNITY

Poem of the Day: ETERNITY

Can I ever have a sip.of what? Eternity
Dispersed with disparity I call it eternity, Burdened  with eternity can I ever know were life leads.

An endless life after death it will be filled with timelessness and unforgettable journey

Sempiternity will surely take place , harbored with Oblivion lost,can it ever be a journey of a thousand miles

Perpetuity knocks and can ever be envision,it will be a dark night for the unprepared
Oh antiquity

Poem of the Day: ETERNITY

A visioned dream without an uncontrollable mind
A trip to visit the maker
Timeless time of the future

An obscurity which will sink and never be know
A journey to nothingness
Sorrowed by malignant curse and bitterly repining…..
And joy by peaceful end

It surely an echoes to eternity


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