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Poem of Self Discovery : “I AM”

Poem of Self Discovery

This Poem of Self Discovery I AM is an explanatory poem about our lifelong ride of exploiting through our inner self, trying to discover who we are, our potential, our purpose in life, and to better understand ourselves

Poem of Self Discovery ”I AM”

I am from the mirror that gives me it reflection
I am from art,the beautiful figure emerge from me
Paint me as I am
I sing my self
I write my self
I am yet what I am
I am contemplative
I am a wonderful Lily planted and never wider
I am the architect who never run out of designs
I am happiness with a great smiles that are irresistible
I am me because I am involved
I am contagious
I am indisputable
Having a shadow of me glitters because I am me
I am in a scene where man has never trod
I am hidden under the vasness of the universe
I am yet what I am



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