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ODP Face Off Challenge Poems: My Feet


Word to my feet, 

The shoe still fits

So every time i stand still 

Like I’m lost in musical chairs

Perplexed at my wins, 

I shoulder my dreams 

And keep to my chi. 

This time i will not despair

Because i know my strength is in there

Ready to flex my muscles though they look a bit too fair

This was a war that was already declared! 

To fight back, it was myself i dared

Devoured  my pain

Took  a leap in faith

I’m not Cain, but i did kill my twin

The bad side of me

The dark side within

I’m risen back to my feet

And it damn feels so good within. 

So back to my feet.., 

The shoe did fit! 
Akwana Wa Odera

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