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NEW WAY: Poem by ODP

NEW WAY: Poem by ODP
NEW WAY: Poem by ODP

Things no longer the same
From China with death
Came Covid with fear Nothing is no longer dear

Children school no more
They play and song not
They sit and yearn so much
Of a change news so far

Women can sit no more
And tell of things gone
And those to yet to come
And what they know not
They cook brood and complain

Boys can walk no more
And whistle at stranger girls
Waylay them at corners
And make promises
And kick balls and place bets
They sit, chat and watch

Men can meet no more
Around roasted goat ribs
And forests of cold beer
And at blessed girls stare
And brag of deals gone well
They sit eat sleep and groan.

The world can laugh no more
About goals skillfully scored
At schools beautifully built
At bashes generously hosted
At sermons blessedly given
At weddings beautifully celebrated

The world desperately watches
As men take their breathless leave
As powers hopelessly groan
under weighty sicknesses and death
They kneel and call out to God.

The world hopes and prays
That this wave goes for good
And leaves us all in peace
And walk around fearless
We want to smile laugh and play
When all this is truly over

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