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Lifestyle Poems: Reflections By ODP



From my father: the art of Manhood; the importance of not judging without knowledge of another’s path; the joys of sitting around a fire with enhanced conversation; an appreciation of history; the need for a philosophy on living; that kindness and empathy must be coupled with strength and decision-making; that a man who cannot control his emotions is no man, merely a boy.
From my mother: diligence, punctuality and the strength of a structured routine; the knowledge that occasionally indulging idiocy is integral to maintaining friendships; the knowledge that occasional harsh words are integral to strengthening them; knowing when each is required takes wisdom.
From my grandfather: the importance of maintaining health; an appreciation for the finer things in life; a love of football.
From my grandmother Josie:  making an effort with people is always appreciated and rarely forgotten; that love and loyalty are the benchmarks we must set for life; that networks neglected are easily roused for those with good character.
From my partner: that challenge overcome is strength gained; that faith is neither foolish nor irrational, but an essential component of life; that synergy is enhancement and individualism is weakness; that a life without erections and orgasms is hardly a life worth living.

Thank you for indulging me.


Lifestyle Poems: Reflections By ODP
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