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Lifestyle Poems: Man Down By Faith Odp


Another one down 

Well I can’t believe it 

Why did you swallow here 

Don’t give me that face

I saw you taking here 

And now she lays deep in you 

Your damn stomach keeps her

Why don’t you get full already? 
You took my beloved baby sister at first

Then you snatched my grandma away 

You also took my dad 

The only man who treated me like a queen 

I bearer it all in silent 

But this time i am failing to for 

The ground her foot beater around 

Every time she locomoted 

Still tells her story 
I hear her whisper in my ears 

That everything is alright 

I go to school and image my future

But I don’t stand a chance seeing 

The picture without that one woman 

Who carried me for nine months 

Is she really gone? 

I ask myself 

Questions I don’t get answers for 
So I lay down 

Asking the same question over and over again 

“Can you hear me? Who is going to take care of me now? “.    


~ Faith K?

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