Home Health ​Home remedies that will help you during this Coronavirus pandemic

​Home remedies that will help you during this Coronavirus pandemic

home remedy during Coronavirus pandemic

It’s no longer a news of what the world is facing with the invasion of Coronavirus from the Asian to almost more than 27 other countries, including America.

Fear of the unknown outcome resulted to the lock down of some major cites of the world like Madrid, Lagos Island, Miami and many others.

There are so many things to consider that will help in combating the deadly Coronavirus pandemic.

Food: Food is one of the most vitals that sustains life. The kind of food you decide to eat contributes a lot in boosting our immune system. The food can be in form of solid foods, liquid or in the form of syrup. The most important thing is the nutrients it provides.

The body needs to be rehydrated frequently to help blood circulation and combating of foreign invasions (infections). It can also flush down the Covid-19 aerosols that are the throat to the stomach where so many environmental factors will help to inhibit it.

The major advantage humans have against germs is the immune system. Regular exercise helps in boosting immune system.

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