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Coronavirus Updates: Viral Aerosol Mode Of Transmission Confirmed 


Coronavirus Mode Of Transmission has been the most confusing matter, some say it is an airborne disease while some disagree since the virus doesn’t last long on air. WHO have come out to clarify the matter…

The death toll from coronavirus in mainland China has hit 908, making it more deadly than the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) epidemic.

China’s National Health has confirmed 3062 new infections and 97 new deaths — a new daily record. The infection rate has escalated sharply since the beginning of the year, with only 547 cases confirmed on January 22. By February 1 there were 14,300 cases.There are now a total of 40,553 cases of the coronavirus worldwide, including 15 infections in Australia.

The death toll worldwide is now at 910.Of those infections, 6500 are severe, according to official data.

It comes as a Chinese official confirmed a worrying new fact about the deadly coronavirus; infections are taking place through aerosol transmission. It was previously understood that two main ways the virus transmitted from person to person were:

Coronavirus Mode Of Transmission

• Direct transmission: breathing in air close to an infected patient who sneezes or coughs, and

• Contact transmission: when a person touches an object tainted with the virus before infecting themselves by touching their mouth, nose or eyes.

However, over the weekend, an official in Shanghai confirmed the virus also travelled through aerosol transmission, which means it can float a long distance through the air and cause infection later when it is breathed in.

Coronavirus Updates: Viral Aerosol Mode Of Transmission Confirmed
Coronavirus Updates



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